Tell me about this film, initial idea and work process.

I made this movie for a collective project made this summer and this autumn. This project is a reaction to the actual police’s violence in France. This spring, one filmmaker, in a demo in solidarity with people without legal papers, lost one eye when a policeman shot him with a flashgun. It was not the worst event of police’s violence, but as this man was a filmmaker, it was a occasion for us, filmmakers, to react with films.


Are you working on new projects at the moment?

I work on two new projects. A short fiction film (from a novel of Don DeLillo) and a long documentary for cinema, made by 100% of archives, footages etc. about the history of the RAF and its links with the "images" created to tell this story.


Do you have specific influences in your film/video making?

Not directly in the filmmaking process. But on an intellectual level, for sure, I am interest by some filmmakers that think the cinema could be used as a political media and moreover that this political aspect of this media is linked with the possibility of the cinema itself. Films should be politic not only regarding the content but mainly by how they are made and how they deal with the content. Films should question the production processes and the technical aspects of films (shooting, filmmaking…) There, Dziga Vertov and Jean-Luc Godard could be considered as main figures.


Why is it important for you to show your film/video in a festival?

It is one of the only ways to show my film works. Moreover, I think that in film festivals, audience is more concentrated on the movies than other kinds of screenings (TV, internet, even DVD). There is the big screen, a dark room and a good sound, and also, people chose to be there.


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